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Import Resources of Electronics Components available through Tri-Com

Tri-Com Sales provides full service electronics products sourcing. Whether your requirements are for the best quality or best price we can provide you the products you need. We can source for Cable, Wire, Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Wire & Cable Accessories, as well as Computer Components such as Monitors, Hard Drives, Memory, LCD and Monitor Stands.

We have resources domestically as well as internationally, including manufacturing facilities in China and India, which provide good quality products at lower costs. If your goal is long run manufacturing of products at competitive rates, alternative resources can be invaluable. We have relationships with these suppliers, handle all of the importing paperwork, and arrange on-time delivery to your facility, saving you time and money.

About Us:

Tri-Com Corp is located in Clifton Heights, PA. minutes from the Philadelphia airport. We produce custom cable and harness assemblies with a quality focus, for customers who do not settle for less, including Fortune 100 companies.

Tri-Com has access to the most component and connector manufacturers and is an authorized distributor for many. You can benefit from reduction in cost and lead time.

We service a variety of Industries including Military, Gaming, Instrumentation, Telecommunications, and Computer Electronics. All Tri-Com assemblies are guaranteed to meet your exact specifications. We'll work closely with you to achieve this goal and can often make suggestions for product improvements or savings along the way.

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Tri-Com introduces their new Website

Tri-Com, Inc., in Clifton Heights, Pa has developed a new website to better service its customers ( Our new site includes more information on our capabilities including Custom Cable Assemblies and Distribution. We provide custom cable assemblies for computer systems, telecommunications and military applications including wire harness, flat ribbon cables, RF, fiber optic, coaxial, electric & electronic cable assemblies. We also distribute electronic products such as computer monitors, hard drives, memory, monitor stands, cable and cable ties, connector backshells & accessories, terminal blocks & barrier strips and wiring accessories. We have added information on our quality control and we have added an RFQ to allow our customers a quick response and to attach drawings or photos to their inquiry.

About Us:

For over 30 years, the Tri-Com family has proudly been operating in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Our wealth of experience, combined with our commitment to producing high quality products and customer satisfaction, has earned us a solid reputation within the ranks of our loyal clients. We are a small business which allows us the flexibility to meet and exceed the personal and individual needs of our clients. Yet at the same time, we are large enough to handle virtually any workload that is requested of us. At Tri-Com, our management team and our knowledgeable staff all aspire to 100% client satisfaction through dedication, commitment and time honored principles of work ethics. At the end of the day, we are proud of the work we do and proud to say "made in the U.S.A.". For more information call Toll Free: 800-347-8066, email or visit our website